Saturday, December 9, 2023

Junior Olympian Program

Toronto Olympic Club has a long tradition of developing athletes from their very beginnings to the pinnacle of their success.  The club emphasizes an approach that fosters a passion for running and a lifelong love of the sport.  Our Junior Olympian program focuses on the fundamentals of running, following a process that monitors form and ability to provide a foundation upon which the athlete can use to excel as they progress in their running careers.


We believe that the key to success in the sport is the ability and desire to work toward improvement.  Our Junior Olympians do not need previous experience or affiliation and do not “try-out” for the club.  If they want to run, we will work with them.

Children may join the club at age 10, where we will work with them to develop their fitness and ability so that they are poised to compete effectively for their schools and beyond.  They will learn the fundamentals of running and competition and benefit from a fun and supportive team-centered training environment.

We want our Junior Olympians to love the sport and many of our Juniors maintain their club membership past college and university and continue to train with the club as adults.  For many, Toronto Olympic Club is home.