Prominent Athletes

Jerome Drayton

Marathon 2:10:09 Fukuoka, Japan (1975). Canadian record that stood until 2018. 

Jerome Drayton was inducted into the Athletics Canada Hall of Fame in 2013. Other in a long list of deserved honours:

  • 10 miles road 48:29.8 (1973)
  • 6 miles track 28:22.7 (1968)
  • 10 km track 28:13.74 (1975)
  • 3 miles track 13:00.06 (1975)
  • 5 km track 13:34.8 (1975)
  • 2 miles track 8:45.6 (1970)
  • Jerome Drayton held the world record for 10 miles on the track. This was set at the CNE stadium.
  • Olympian 1976
  • Boston marathon winner 1977
  • Fukuoka Marathon winner 1969, 1975, 1976
  • Commonwealth Games 1970, 1974, 1978 silver medalist
Brian Armstrong and Bob Moore

Commonwealth Games 1974

Bob Moore

Robert (Bob) Moore was born in England and following university came to Canada in 1967. He and his wife Jane bought a home in Leaside where they have lived ever since.

Bob was introduced to running when he was at university and saw an ad for a free meal in exchange for helping out at track meets. Shortly afterwards he himself started training. Throughout his remarkable career Bob came fifth at his first Boston Marathon in 1969 and followed up with three seventh place finishes. He placed second a remarkable six times at Hamilton’s Around the Bay Road Race and represented Canada at the 1970 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh. Bob has run more than 1,760 races from the 1,500 metres to marathons. He continues to train regularly and runs in 15 to 20 races a year in his late 70s. Bob has also given back to his sport by organizing races, officiating at events and mentoring many younger runners.

Commonwealth Games 1970
World Cross Country Championships 1970


Lioudmila Alexeef
Commonwealth Games 1994
May Allison
World Cross Country Championships selected 1991
Paul Bannon
Commonwealth Games, bronze medalist marathon 1978
Danuta Bartosek
Commonwealth Games 1994
Steve Bohan
World Championship marathon, 2001
Andy Boychuk
Olympian 1968
British Empire Games 1966
Pan American Games 1966 gold medal
Commonwealth Games 1970 marathon
Steve Boyd
World Cross Country Championships 1993, 2001
Jason Bunston
Commonwealth Games 1994
World Championship Indoors 1996
Roger Cawkwell
World Cross Country Championships 1982
Elaine Coburn
Francophone Games 2001
John Craig
Olympian, selected 1980
Commonwealth Games 1978
World Championship team member, 1981
Paul Craig
Olympian 1976, selected 1980
Commonwealth Games 1978
World Championship 1979
Former Canadian 1500m record holder
Marcus Dillon
World Cross Country Championships 2006
Joe Dionne
World Cross Country Championships 2001, 2002
Don Domanski
Olympian 1972
Dave Ellis
Olympian 1968
Pan Am silver medalist 1966
Commonwealth Games team 1966, 1970
World Cross Country Championships 1970
Bob Finlay
Olympian 1968, 1972; 5,000m finalist, Mexico 1968
Pan American Games 1966
Commonwealth Games 1970
John Finlay
Selected for Olympic Team 1964
Peter Fonseca
Commonwealth Games 1994
World Championship marathon
Ken Frenette
Pan American Games 1991
Michael Goerke
World Cross Country Championships 1970
Terry Goodenough
World Cross Country Championships 1980
Angela Graham
World Cross Country Championship 1993, 1994
Abbie Hoffman
Olympian 1964, 1968, 1972
Commonwealth Games 1962, 1966
Pan Am Games medalist 1963, 1966, 1971
Pacific Games 1973
World University games 1967
Richard Hughson
Pan American Games bronze medal in marathon 1979
Jim Irons
British Empire Games 1962
Liz Jones
Francophone Games 1994
Laura Konantz
Pan American Games 1991
Jerry Kooymans
World Cross Country Championships 1990
Henok Lechebo
World Cross Country Championships 2004
Bob Legge
Pan American Games 1971
Ergas Leps
British Empire Games 1966
Commonwealth Games 1970
Peter Maher
Olympian 1988
Commonwealth Games 1994
World Championships, Rome 1987, 1991, 1995
Randy Mason
Pan American Games 1963
Grant McLaren
Olympian 1972, 1976
Commonwealth Games 1970
Pacific Games 1973
Former Canadian record holder 5,000m
James Nielsen
World Cross Country Championships 2005, 2006
Gayle Olinek
Pacific Games 1969 bronze 400m
Paul Osland
Pan American Games 1987
Commonwealth Games 1990
Peter Quance
World Championships marathon, Helsinki 1983
Tara Quinn-Smith
World Cross Country Championships 2005, 2006
Bruce Raymer
World University Games 1995

Ricardo Santos
World Cross Country Championships 1995
Joe SaxCommonwealth Games 1978
Former Canadian steeplechase record holder

Margaret Schotte
World Cross Country Championships 1995
Dan Shaughnessy
Commonwealth Games 1974
Pacific Games 1973
Former Canadian record holder 10,000m
Cerian Shepherd
World Cross Country Championships 1994
Andrew Smith
World Cross Country Championships 2005
Ron Wallingford
British Empire Games 1966
Kim Webb
Francophone Games 1994
Gary Westgate
World Cross Country Championships, selected 1991
Freddie Williams
Olympian 1992
World Championships 1993
Nigel Wray
World Cross Country Championships 2001
Dylan Wykes
World Cross Country Championships 2002
Wayne Yetman
Olympian 1976