Saturday, December 9, 2023

TOC 2-Mile TT

TOC 2-Mile Time Trial

From Carol Bedley:

TORONTO, ON (March 27, 2021) – Congratulations to everyone who participated in our TOC 2-mile TT this morning!  It was great to see the entire crew out!  Welcome back Bonsa and Berhanu 🙂   They hopped into our 2-mile TT at the last minute after taking a hiatus from running during the winter months.  It was solely a “training” run for both of them ;-). Special thanks to Head Coach Paul, Lorraine and Hajin for coming out to lend their support and words of encouragement!  The race started from Park Lawn and Lakeshore and ran west to east, finishing along the chicane, just east of Parkside Drive.

Temperature: 2C
Wind Gusts: SE 20 km/hr

Official race results:
1st Berhanu Girma 10:09
2nd Charles Bedley 10:17
3rd Brent Scheibelhut 10:30
4th Conor McGuinness 10:34
5th Bonsa Atomsa Gonfa (did not time)
6th Ian Sinclair 12:12
7th Louis Byrne 13:27
8th Barry Morton 13:37 (Barry is competing in the virtual NYC Half Marathon tomorrow… conserving his energy!)
We look forward to hosting our next TOC TT!  Next up….. 8K TT by St. George’s Junior School – pancake flat & fasssssst!!!